Getting involved with indylab

Thanks for your interest in our lab! We’re currently looking for postdocs, grads, and undergrads, to join us in exciting research. Please see below for the preferred way to contact us. Sorry if we’re unable to respond to other methods of communication.

Diversity and inclusion: We support inclusive excellence, which means that we encourage you to apply regardless of how you identify. We believe that diversity makes for better research and a better society.

Postdoctoral researchers

We’re hiring postdocs in reinforcement learning and robotics. The position provides opportunities for independent and collaborative research in either: (1) development of new theoretical and algorithmic approaches for inference of structured control, optimal exploration, and optimization for reinforcement learning; or (2) development of new practical methods and systems for robot learning, in particular leveraging structured inference, multi-task learning, and meta-learning. You’re welcome to contact Prof. Fox by email.

Doctoral students

We’re admitting new PhD students every year. You’re welcome to mention Prof. Fox as a potential advisor in your application. Due to the large number of candidates, we’re unable to respond to emails enquiring about applications.

Master’s and undergraduate students

We’re recruiting UCI Master’s and undergraduate students who wish to get involved in our lab’s research activity and gain experience. If you’re passionate about the kind of research we do, and can commit to work on research for at least 15 hours per week for 2 quarters, you’re welcome to fill out this form. Prior coursework in AI/ML is required, and prior experience is preferred.

Short-term visitors

If you’re interested in visiting the lab for a short term to work on research with us, and can commit to at least 2 quarters, please contact Prof. Fox by email. At this time we cannot accommodate shorter visits, including summer internships.