CS 175: Project in Artificial Intelligence, Winter 2020

Work in a team to develop an artificial agent interacting with Minecraft, Duckietown, or ColosseumRL. Use reinforcement learning or other machine learning algorithms to train your agent to perform an interesting task.

General information

  • Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30–1:50pm
    • No discussion on Fridays, we’ll use that time to meet project teams
  • Location: Physical Sciences Classroom Building (PSCB) 120
  • Instructor: Prof. Roy Fox
    • Office hours: Fridays 9–11am, DBH 4064
  • Teaching Assistant: Julian Collado, colladou at uci.edu
  • Announcements and forum: Piazza Class
    • First and best option for asking questions outside of class or office hours
    • Feel free to answer other students’ questions, initiate RL and project related discussions, etc.
    • Use private messages in Piazza to communicate with course staff



(subject to changes)

Week Tuesday Thursday
(1) Jan 6 Introduction Platforms
(2) Jan 13 Reinforcement Learning Deep RL
(3) Jan 20 – no lecture –
Assignment 1 due
– no lecture –
(4) Jan 27 Project meetings
Project proposal due
Project meetings
(5) Feb 3 – no lecture –
Assignment 2 due
– no lecture –
(6) Feb 10 Project meetings Project meetings
(7) Feb 17 Project meetings Project meetings
(8) Feb 24 Project meetings
Progress report due
Project meetings
(9) Mar 2 – no lecture – – no lecture –
(10) Mar 9 Project presentations Project presentations
  Final project report due