Roy Fox I’m an Assistant Professor and director of the Intelligent Dynamics Lab (indylab) in the Department of Computer Science in the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine. I’m affiliated with the Center for Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems (CML), the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), the HPI Research Center in Machine Learning and Data Science, the Center for Theoretical Behavioral Sciences (CTBS), and the Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization Center (ACO).

I was previously a postdoc in Berkeley AI Research (BAIR), working with Ion Stoica in the RISELab, and with Ken Goldberg in the AUTOLAB, in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley. My PhD was with Naftali Tishby in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hebrew University, and my MSc was with Moshe Tennenholtz in the Computer Science Department at the Technion IIT. I was a PhD exchange student with Liam Paninski in the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at Columbia University.

My research interests include theory and applications of control learning — reinforcement learning, algorithmic game theory, information theory, and robotics. My current research focuses on structure, exploration, and optimization in deep control learning of virtual and physical agents. I’m looking to hire postdocs and advise additional graduate and undergraduate students. Please read this to get involved with my lab.